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Join more than 3000+ companies using our service. Create your WhatsApp Widget.

Create your free WhatsApp Widget for HTML, PHP, Google Sites, SquareSpace, Wix, PrestaShop, Drupal, Magento... Our WhatsApp Widget works everywhere.

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Works everywhere

This is a WhatsApp Widget you can use everywhere. Drupal, Wix, Prestashop, HubSpot... you name it.

Make your customers happy

WhatsApp is the best channel to accelerate sales and support. Just add it to your site.

Unlock your premium account

Get all the benefits of the premium account for just $20 / year.


We offer stats with every account. You can control and track the performance of your WhatsApp Widget.

Unlimited agents

You can add unlimited agents to your Widget and you can manage unlimited widgets. If you are an agency, you can manage all your clients from one account.

Use Google Tag Manager

You can use Google Tag Manager to load the script.


Create and manage your widgets using our API. You can create widgets for your clients / users using our WhatsApp API.


Clean your leads using a form before starting a WhatsApp chat.

Timetable for your agents

Define your agents timetable and configure when they are available.

What do you need before you create your account

To use our free whatsapp widget you need to have access to your FTP or Web Editor. We generate a script you can use. But you need to be able to edit your code. If you have questions use the WhatsApp agent in this page.

Do you have a website with a lot of users? Do you sell online services?

The WhatsApp Widget is the perfect tool to manage your users feedback and you can sell the service to your users. Add this widget to your online service and offer your users a premium tool.

WhatsApp for Landing Pages Builder

You can use our WhatsApp Widget for landing pages builders like Landingi or Unbounce - Youtube Tutorial.

View demo for Veterinarians website

Open this website with a WhatsApp Widget for a Veterinarians website With Bookings.

View demo for Teacher website

Open this website with a WhatsApp Widget for a teacher landing page. With product purchase.

Do you need help with the setup?.. We have a list of developers who can help you. Wix, PHP, Drupal...

Do a quick test. Just copy this script in your website or you can use Google Tag Manager to load our script:
<script src=''> </script>

Create a ChatBot and automate your customer support.

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