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Are you hurt and in need of Healthcare assistance? Don’t let it get worse, quickly reach out now to one of the many medical care solutions offered by WhatsApp Business.

This week these businesses have received 2871 visits

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Urgencias Odontológicas
31956 clicks
15433 clicks

Dr. Ayberk Akçay

Dr. Akçay'ın Kliniğine Hoş Geldiniz
11390 clicks


Gracias por comunicarse con Proteger IPS
10010 clicks

Eloisa Bocanegra

¿Tienes alguna duda? Chatea conmigo!
9536 clicks

Garda Pest Control

Garda Pest Control Layanan Cepat Berkualitas 24...
5978 clicks

You can chat to a PSA via WhatsApp from 7:30am...
5380 clicks

Max Hospital

Hello, how can I assist you?
5240 clicks

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